ev0lve.xyz covers games with advanced anticheat protection like EasyAntiCheat™.


Ring0 based loader


Custom builds for maximum security


Autoupdater for patches

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Our developers are working non stop in order to provide you the best experience possible when using our products. If you have any problems with or just need some assistance, our staff team will be happy to assist you.

ev0lve.xyz - high quality products

A cheat has to be as individual as its customer. With this in mind, we created a very flexible solution for everyone. Whether it's legit or rage cheating you're looking for, we've got you covered.

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Superior rage mode

Easy to use ingame menu with "advanced mode" settings to meet all of your preferences.

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Most of our products are up and running for years already. Unlike many of our competitors, we won't discontinue a product if there are issues.

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Variety of products

Our goal is to provide you with as many high quality products as possible, for a variety of games on the market.

Why you should choose ev0lve.xyz

As premium provider for high quality undetected cheats our goal is to satisfy all your needs and provide competitively viable products. Due to our invite/application system we guarantee a wisely selected userbase to ensure a friendly tone and a mature community.


Undetected & Secure


Fast customer support


Non-toxic community


Reasonable prices

How to buy at ev0lve.xyz

To get access to our first class products you have to follow only a few simple steps.


Register on the forums


Apply or get invited


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Earn your place in the Community

After becoming a member, an active and friendly Community awaits you.

Active, helpful and respected members will be awarded with trophies, earning them points. With enough of these, you will receive custom badges and climb the ladder. Eventually, as an advanced member, you will get access to advanced only products, discounts, customizations and more.






Supporters, Administrators and Developers.

Staff members will handpick the elite core of our community out of the pool of the ev0lved customers. The rank grants special access to certain areas and hacks.

The most active and helpful members in our community get automatically rewarded with an "ev0lved" trophy badge in their profile.

By using one of our products you will automatically receive the customer rank.

Every user whose application for our community has been accepted starts here.


How do I purchase ?
In order to purchase, you have to apply or get invited to gain access to our forums. Once you've been accepted you'll be able to purchase our product(s).
As we're looking for a clean, nice and respectful community, we decided to make every user put some effort into their application and do a short interview with every new applicant in order to get to know you better and keep out unwanted users.
Our primary method of payment is PayPal™.
If you're using this method of payment, your cheat subscription will be activated immediately.
If you want to pay with Skrill™, PaySafeCard™ or Bitcoin™ your activation will be done manually.

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