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Latest reviews

need update
For WetTrace in Rage
Good script
Working not really good. Position-checkboxes slide around of spots, it's pretty hard to figure out where to stand for throw. Auto-align spoils the movement :/
Can’t fix due to api issue related to movement
C++ Exception. The script does not work, it is unclear which fonts need to be installed, which libraries need to be installed? It is unclear where to get fonts.
Everything is included in the package when you subscribe to it, the only possible explanation is that your windows installation does not contain some of the default fonts
For » hysteria in Rage
p script
For Radio in Others
literally best misc lua for ev0lve
P config
very good hitting p
thx for your review!
since i use this lua,i killed 114514Enemies。智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿智齿