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A short review on my overall experience with evolve!

Jun 13, 2020
Under your bed
I do not have an active sub currently, but I just wanted to post my opinion since the last time I used it a little bit ago :)

I will be talking about these specific points:

  1. Ragebot
  2. Anti-Aim
  3. Legitbot
  4. Visuals
  5. Lua Support
  6. Staff, Support Team, and Community

  1. Ragebot
    1. PROS
      1. Consistent Auto performance, really good DT in my opinion. Decent prediction and resolver, nothing special. I would compare Evolve's ragebot to Onetap, slightly below, usually the same, but usually never performs consistently above OT's level. Last update was Thursday at 8:31am, and they improved the resolver and DT accuracy, so it is clear to see the dev team is posting frequent updates, which we LOVE to see (glaring at you, skeet).
    2. CONS
      1. Scout is really sub-par, pretty disappointing in my opinion. It seems to miss frequently, regardless of what settings or config I use. Usually, the best I have seen is with 81 HC, 89 MD with the scout, sometimes I can have a really good game, and sometimes I can have a really bad game, and it is usually the latter. Some people will have a better performance than me, but a lot of my other Evolve friends agree with me on this point.
    1. PROS
      1. Ridiculously good anti-aim. Evolve's anti-aim can be virtually unhittable if configured correctly, WITHOUT luas. It is extremely customizable, with almost every aspect of desync and fakelag being customizable. I have seen static AA, unmoving, dumped by over 3 people shooting at the same time, at one player. It can be the best part of your experience with this cheat, and one of the main selling points of the ragebot performance.
    2. CONS
      1. Can be the hardest part of the cheat to configure, especially for newer players. This is not necessarily a con, since configuring a cheat comes with experience usually. But, since it isn't a positive, it goes here.
    1. Never used it, I do not have an opinion on it. Most people I know don't use it, though the general consensus is it is not bad, about OT level.
    1. PROS
      1. Can be made to look really beautiful. Very customizable, world and sky modulation without luas can be made to look really fucking sweet. With luas, you can do even more. One of my favorite parts is the chams and nightmode, both can be made to virtually an unlimited amount of options.
    2. CONS
      1. Not really any cons, there is some useless features in the ESP options, but that's about it.
    1. PROS
      1. Pretty expansive Lua api, some really cool luas exist on the community. Since I am not a coder, I can't speak much on the api itself, but there are tons of cool and helpful luas on the forums that most will enjoy
    2. CONS
      1. Lua community seems a bit dead, I don't really see any new and cool-looking luas lately, at least in the past month. Just looking at the script section while I write this, the top 5 are "Esp on death", "better hitlog", "useless pitch jitter", "retarded quickswitch", "miss sound". This isn't saying these luas are bad, but they just aren't useful, as told literally by the title of the third and fourth. And yes, I copy pasted the name of the lua.
    1. STAFF
      1. Generally pretty friendly, nice to talk to and interact with. I personally haven't had much contact with any of them, but from what I have heard and seen, they are active, helpful, and mature.
      1. Seems to respond pretty quickly, my only few tickets were responded to in less than 2 days, which I consider to be pretty good.
      1. Actually one of the nicest, most enjoyable communities to be a part of. Shoutbox is pleasant, the members are like half germans, and those germans are actually nice as fuck, and awesome to talk to. For the other half, also just as cool and nice to talk to. I was pretty surprised by how welcomed and comfortable I felt when I first joined!

Generally a pretty good cheat. Decent, OT-level ragebot, phenomenal anti-aim, beautiful visuals better than most p2cs (except skeet), and a friendly staff team and cool community. If you get invited, I highly recommend buying a sub and trying it out. But be prepared to take a while to learn to config the cheat, especially the ragebot. The menu is pretty unique, and can be confusing to navigate sometimes. That's all, thanks for reading!


Aug 25, 2018
"The menu is pretty unique, and can be confusing to navigate sometimes" u think that menu is hard to navigate? u should see otv4's menu :'D
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Nov 29, 2020
"The menu is pretty unique, and can be confusing to navigate sometimes" u think that menu is hard to navigate? u should see otv4's menu :'D
This. I don't see why their menu is so small and just has scroll bars everywhere. Makes no sense to me. The icons are also pretty non-sensical with no labels. Ev0lve definitely has the upper hand on this one.