Apex 1 Week Review


Due to my previous provider becoming detected, I decided to look for something inclusive and more secure. This led me to eventually finding ev0lve and their amazing community, which I am glad to be a part of.

To preface, I play with legit settings and no esp/chams 99% of the time. The only time I really use esp/chams is for the purposes of the review.

Customization: 10/10 (Exceptional)
There is no menu in ev0lve's Apex, only a text config file in which you edit settings and then update with a hotkey in game. You do have to tab in and out if you want to change settings on the fly, but for me once I find my config it doesn't change. The options you have in the config file however is better than most I've seen. You can adjust numbers in fine degrees to really fine tune various settings to your liking. There really are many quality of life options and settings that really push the customization rating to a 10.

Vision: 9/10 (Near Exceptional)
The chams and esp work well. Chams can have their color and glow strength changed. There's also an option to have the color be based off health which I haven't tried, but would probably be what I use if I used chams / esp regularly. The loot esp didn't actually work for me when I tried it, but I'm sure I could have that issue resolved in about 0.25 seconds if I opened a thread about it. (More about support later). A point was deducted from the score due to no shield and health information being shown in the esp, and while these features are not important to me I can understand how some would care. Overall above average vision.
EDIT: Loot ESP needs windowed / fullscreen windowed. Worked fine for me after changing.

Aim: 8/10 (Above Average)
So this is dependent on which version you are using, standard or beta. I originally used the standard to begin with, because I decided I didn't need the loot esp and other features the beta provides. After a few hours of playing with and adjusting the config, I was very unhappy and disappointed with the aim. It felt weak and the tracking was poor. I opened the forum and noticed another user made a thread about the same issue and someone mentioned to try the beta as it was much better. I injected with beta and kept the same config to compare. Turns out the settings I had to make the standard version even sort of work, were apparently rage, because with the beta version I was absolutely demolishing. So at the time of posting this, the standard version aim is a little off and it is recommended you use the beta. I will edit this in the future if it is updated / fixed. Not really a huge issue, but overall I feel the aim lands in the above average range.
EDIT: New update fixed standard version's aimbot.

Setup: 10/10 (Exceptional)
This will be short because it's simply that easy. Easy instructions and even easier setup. You don't have to carry a newborn child exactly 22.4 miles on one foot during the summer solstice just to get your PC ready to inject. I've experienced complicated, lengthy, and strange setups before and it's a breath of fresh air to have something simple.

Security: 8/10 (Above Average)
Over the past week I've played on 3 fresh accounts. One is with no injection and no spoof, as this acts as sort of a control for whether my previous ban was HWID. The 2nd account was played with the standard version in norms only. The 3rd was played with the beta in norms and ranked and has the most play time. As of one week, none have been banned or kicked. In the past I've noticed some users on this forum getting banned seemingly randomly. A few here or there, but definitely not enough to be considered detected. There could be many variables as to why they were banned, too much rage, hunting people with esp, issues with injection, previous HWID issues, or a manual ban. Over time I will edit this section of the review and update the rating. If after a month I still have no issues I'll bump the rating to a 9, and a few months after that if it's still secure I'll take it to a 10.

Stability: 8/10 (Above Average)
Once again this is dependent on version you are playing. Standard and beta seem to have differences. I originally played on the standard version for about 10 hours while adjusting the config, not a single issue with crashing or frame rate. However once I swapped to the beta for the better aim, I started to have an occasional crash. Still no issues with frame rate for me, but I have heard people with lots of loot esp on can have some issues. The crashes don't occur often though. In approximately 35-40 hours of playtime, I think I've crashed 2-3 times. One was at the main menu, and two were near the start of a game. Not a major issue, and one to be expected with a beta version. However I do wish I could merge the stability of the standard version with aim performance of the beta.
EDIT: New update fixed all crashing in standard or beta (for me at least)

Support: 10/10 (Exceptional)
This is without a doubt my favorite thing about ev0lve in general. The support is top notch in comparison to other providers. The first issue I had with the aim was that the nosnap feature wasn't working. I opened a thread, and less than 10 minutes later it was fixed. The community is helpful, welcoming, and a pleasure to be a part of. Hands down the best I've seen. Updates and fixes come quick and the design of the website is a plus as well.

In conclusion, ev0lve's apex is an all around above average product at a great price. Where ev0lve in general really shines is the community and support, and a better than most detection history. If what you're looking for is the absolute best cheat you can find, then you may need to look elsewhere. However, if you want one that has everything you reasonably need to play legit and even rage, with strong security and a phenomenal support / community, then look no further.
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