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Hey Boys,

My last apex subscription is quite a while ago and in times where you could rage 24/7 without getting banned.However I stopped to play and I'm thinking about getting back into the game and have a few questions.

1. Do we have to play legit?( are they banning ragers fast?)

2. Are they doing HWID bans all the time or just account bans too?

3. If they do HWID bans , what are you guys using against that? I heard someone writing BSS spoofer but on their site they marked EAC with an "?".

4. Can we choose specific items/weapons to be shown in the ESP? (There was no item ESP back then)

Thanks in advance :),


1. I think it’s better when you play legit that you can play more days . I rly don’t know because I play this game 1 week xd

2. I don’t know I never got a hwid ban because I use spoofer from Bs

3. I use the spoofer from blacksector

4. you Can read the changelogs from Apex Hack . But atm the apex hack is disabled
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Yeah I will play with legit settings probably..
so the ESP is disabled ? That isn't stated in the change log .

Anyone who was banned can answer my 2. And 3. Question ?