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Basic's Apex 1 Month Testimonial


Jun 26, 2019
Hi, so I've had my hands on the Apex Legends cheat for a bit now and now I'm finally sure that I can make a good review/testimonial about it,
so here we go.

ESP 10/10

Alright so, the ESP is literally really nice and doesn't obscure your view in any way, I'd like a OnVisible check so it could only show player models glowing if they peek out in the open, but right now the ESP is good enough to know where everyone is.
Also a nice addition that I saw on the cheat was Health Based ESP, this really helped me out during hotdrops so I know when I can start pushing people. It also gives you the option to increase the bloom on the player glow but I'd recommend keeping that 0 to be able to see the player models properly.
In short, really nice ESP.

Aimbot 7/10

The aimbot is ok, if you play with a brain and a sense of peeking and your aim is already really decent the aimbot does its job. It can be really off sometimes, especially from distances so I'd recommend using it when running in close-combat with any Auto Rifle and you're ensured to hit mad P.
I'd also as I mentioned in the ESP review a OnVisible check to I don't start snapping to people through walls, even if my smoothness is low it still looks a bit off.
The Recoil Control is pretty much the only thing I really liked in the extra settings of the Aimbot, the rest is really off if the player moves a lot.
In short, aimbot is use-able depending on you/config/s

Security 10/10

I've basically been using this on 1 account, and till now it's not been banned yet. I play legit(ish) with aimbot binded to a key to I only use it if my aim is either really off the player or I have to quickly snap onto someone but my aim itself can't really keep it locked onto the player.
As long as you got a basic understanding on the game, decent/good aim skill, and you know not to look at people through walls you have a low % of getting banned/reported.

Customization 10/10

Everything I've just mentioned above has a bit of a customization to it (except the Security header of course).
ESP has as I mentioned Health Based ESP, regular ESP which you can change the color off to anything, you can change the render distance and you can change the bloom so the players blind your eyes.
The aimbot has a nice FOV slider WITHOUT A CIRCLE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN, YES YOU HEARD IT WITHOUT A CIRCLE SO NOTHING OBSCURES YOU which I really like, minimalist cheating. You can also change the smoothness of how fast it aims to the player, you can change the hitbox it aims to (which I recommend Neck or Body), a No Snap feature and Custom Keybind so you don't have to worry about Spectators seeing you lock onto players when aiming.

In short, I really enjoy this cheat as it isn't obscuring your screen while playing, and everything works and the Ban Rate is really low as long as you play smart.



Official Stasi and KGB
Jul 29, 2019
Germany - Bavaria
I never played with Apex before but I'm glad that you like it, thanks for your honest review :)
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Mar 11, 2019
I never played apex in my whole life, but I'm sure the hack is really good how you saying! Nice review, thanks for your time spent on it! <3 :)


Sep 21, 2016
Thank you very much for your review :pleased:
That sounds really great. I probably should try Apex out :droplaugh: