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CS:GO ev0lve review november 2023

  • Our software does not support modified Windows builds. While it can probably run and work, you may experience crashes and other issues. Use genuine Windows builds from Microsoft.


Mar 13, 2023
hi gonna make another review since this prob the last time im gonna buy csgo sub

legit 0/10

no legit for csgo

rage 6/10

quite consistent on low ping, not missing much except when opponent has height advantage or using defensive aa
inconsistent on high ping (like alot of cheats), a lot of prediction errors compared to low ping
i've also noticed that the cheat is really good at jumpscouting while i've been playing (on high and low ping)

anti aim 7/10

decent without luas, you can make ppl miss if they aren't camping height advantage
fakelag is also good
luas aren't necessary, they can make it slightly better with states

visuals 6.5/10

glow and pulse chams look really nice if you find good settings
cant really customize esp colours
would also be nice if the night mode and a bloom slider were separate
(i've been having an issue where my esp doesn't show until i restart and reinject)

misc 6/10

autostrafer is good
autopeek indicator is nice
being able to change accent colour is good but wish there was an option to change colour of everything in menu (like other cheats)

community 7.5/10

only reason its gone down since last time is because buy in fee was removed, i've seen alot more people who act dumb asf

lua 7/10

api feels nice to work with + its similar to fatality (so if u want to port scripts or you are already good with that api its easier than with other cheats)

optimization 6.5/10

my fps goes really low sometimes (below 40) compared to normally being at 150+
if ur gpu is worse than gtx 1650 or cpu worse than ryzen 5700g (i know gpu is outdated) i would be cautious about buying

overall 6/10

its decent right now for 10 euro, i'd recommend it if you want to try something new