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Important Incident Statement

  • Our software does not support modified Windows builds. While it can probably run and work, you may experience crashes and other issues. Use genuine Windows builds from Microsoft.
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Jun 28, 2018
Hi everyone.

The last 4 days were extremely stressful for us, our friends and the rest of the cheating community.
However, as we have gained enough information and have taken several steps to mitigate all the issues, we are finally ready to make a full statement on the situation.


"Obex" is a third-party script loader designed for "gamesense" software that was supposed to increase anti-leak security for private or paid scripts as well as provide a safe environment to use those scripts. Unfortunately, no-one could have predicted that Obex administration would sell their project to a malicious person that later on started to distribute malware through several scripts hosted there.

As you have already heard and seen, I was also a victim of the aforesaid script loader as it was proven to be safe to use by several people.
I do acknowledge that I am also responsible for the events that happened to ev0lve, and and sincerely apologize as all of these issues could've been prevented.

If you have used Obex loader in the past, it is mandatory to change all of your passwords, clear all active sessions on every single account and completely reinstall Windows, as your PC is probably infected as well. From the information we have, most of the infected machines now contain a crypto-miner.

What comes to us is, we have already secured all of our machines and have taken several legal steps and are currently working with the police.


After careful investigation, we have found out that most of our source codes were stolen and currently are shared privately, while some are already public.
Besides that, user e-mail addresses were scraped from the User list. What comes to the other information, such as passwords or personal data (e.g. names, addresses, CCs, phone numbers), we do not have any record that any of the aforesaid data has been stolen as none of the crucial services have been accessed by the attackers.


In this state, we are unable to produce our upcoming CS2 software as efficiently and the hack will not be released until the ~end of the first quarter next year.
However, we are not shutting down ev0lve neither are we abandoning existing developments.

Our biggest fear was not the code leak, but your personal data that we should protect as well as we possibly can. While we have succeeded in minimizing stolen data, it is still clear that we have not been able to secure your e-mail addresses.
Despite that, we were astonished by the support from our community and we thank each and every one of you.
You and only you motivate us to continue providing you one of the best experiences of cheating.

To compensate for your possible stress, we are changing our CS2 Preview release model.
As soon as the Preview build is available, every single registered user will receive 2 weeks of subscription for free, as well as every buy-in user will receive an additional month.

More over, we want to thank several people for helping us with the investigation:
- soufiw
- anarch1st47
- rainedot
- darth
- the rest of team
- kult
- w1sley
- Acid1337
- and everyone else involved in the investigation.

Thank you for your amazing support, and thank you for sticking with us!

Kindest regards,
ev0lve Digital
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