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my ev0lve review


Mar 30, 2020
over dere
I’ve been in ev0lve for about 8 months now and have bought multiple subs so i think i’m valid to make a solid review.

RageBot: 10/10
In my opinion the resolver is very good and resolves head more than the other private cheats i’ve had/have. Hardly misses head on level ground too.
Targeting could do with some improving and so could the fakelag prediction but in general both the prediction and the targeting are more then usable.

The Anti-Aim is the best if not on par with the best cheats out. Slowwalk + Fakelag you will get dumped if you don’t have a retarded config.

Legitbot: N/A
Don’t legit cheat.

Misc: 10/10
Auto-strafer is 10x better then other cheats, some other cheats auto-strafers are just shocking.

Visuals: 9/10
Visuals are probably the nicest visuals in my opinion, they are very customisable and you can easily make very nice visuals. Night mode i don’t really like that much because of the bloom but can easily be fixed with dylans bloom remover lua.

Lua: 10/10
Don’t code for lua in ev0lve i am going to start soon though as the API looks easy and the luas you can make on ev0lve you can’t on other cheats.

Overall the cheat is easily a 9/10 and is very worth buying.

(Posted in wrong section before).


Jul 21, 2019
I feel the point bout the night mode :)..
Pretty solid review thx for taking ur time :)<3