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My experience


Jul 4, 2021
So where do we start , first off all i dont use evolve for legit cheating idk who does but with an legit section i gues you cant fuck that up.

To the visuals : You can do everything you want colors nad text or icon for me its a 9/10
The Rage Section ; I talked with some people and i must say yeah its outdated and yeah min dmg is fucked , but with some good gameplay and douppletap on baim you still can get 2-4 kills a round
I heard some friends dont hit with the scout at all but when you put 75 min dmg and upper body in the scout , for me thats shit i only go head with the scout so only head and 100 min dmg and its not that bad with scout give it some tries its fun.
I give it at the moment an 6,5/10

Im rly hyped for the update and looking forward to pay for the sub