Rainbow Six Siege Review


Hello ev0lve community!

Today i wanna give you my Honest Opinion about the Rainbow Six Cheat.
I used the cheat for 3 Days and wanna give feedback to the coders, and potential Costumers
First of all is to say that it´s really easy to set the cheat up and get it to run correctly. Just a quick look in the support section and
you can find a thread that gives you a step by step tutorial how to set it up, that even i can understand it.

Aimbot: In my opinion the Aimbot is performing very well.
You just need to Get used into the Aimbot and how to configure it Properly.
Overall is the aimbot great to use, and has no Flicks with the Right Settings. Also Norecoil and nospread is working as intended, so you also can play agrresive.

Visuals: The Chams works fine as they Shoud, it make it easy to Spot the Enemys even if you only see some pixels of them.
The CaveiraEsp works fine, you just need to get used to It. Its not Like an Box Esp. Perfect for Legit Gameplay.

Triggerbot: Never Really tried it. But it sometimes was shooting through Walls where you cant shoot.

Overall the Cheat Performed very well in Legit And Agressive Rage Gameplay. Did not get Banned (Important because Batteleye likes to to HWID Ban you)
The Price is fair for a Battleye Game.

Overall i woud Rate The Cheat 9/10