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Review after trying it out


Mar 11, 2020


Let's begin with the Aimbot

Aimbot 7/10

Good aimbot with various options to choose from, sadly it doesn't really affect the Gameplay since the recoil and sway is making it inaccurate, sadly the "no recoil - reducer" is not really helping with it, but all in one useable.

ESP 10/10

Also lot's of options to choose from and highly recommended, i had no issues so far, clear target marking and all in one very good.
Exactly what i was hoping for.

MISC. 10/10

First the speedhack, very easy to use and working perfectly fine.

With rapid fire on, somehow the game doesn't seem to to "connect" all shots and the recoil will go crazy, but honestly nothing big to worry about, a nice fun feature.

Unlimited Ammo is working perfect, no issues and super easy to use.

Long Range Resurrect is working perfect too, no issues.

Unlimited Field Dressings just works as fine as unlimited ammo does.

The same goes for unlimited grenades, but the throw range will decrease after the original nades were thrown.

Score Board Show All Stats is working good, besides the kills but you can always have a look into them with the Kill Counter feature on.

No Recoil Reducer is working good, but it somehow got issues when you are firing out of the hip, it will make a little sway, but nothing to worry about.

And finally the hitbox mod, working awesomely good and really looks funny (enemys will grow)

Keybinds 9/10

The keybinds are working good, you gotta get used to set a number for each key but after some time you will completely figure it out.

Wish to have:

Complete No Recoil (may be detectable so i don*t mind not having it)
Teleport (might be impossible but as far as i know unreal engine does support that)
No Sway (honestly probably one of the best things to add since there is a high sway with all weapons)​


Official Stasi and KGB
Jul 29, 2019
Germany - Bavaria
Thanks for the review FeelsGoodMan